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We’re Here To Help

Swan Plastics is the market leader in manufacturing plastic products in Australia.
We specialise in the manufacture of Ticket Wallets, Travel Wallets, Passport Wallets, Bag Tags, Cruise Tags, Prescription Wallets, Security Bags, Sticky Pockets, Vinyl Sleeves for CDs and LPs, and much more!

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Swan Plastics is a proud Australian family business with a long history in innovation. Swan is now a leading player not only in the Travel Industry, but across such diverse markets such as Pharmaceutical, AgChem Labelling and Retail Point-of-Sale products.

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  • Swan Plastics
    12 Percy Street
    Heidelberg West, Victoria
    Australia 3081
  • Freecall: 1800 339 603
    Phone: +61 3 9850 9266

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