Your privacy is important to us. This statement outlines SWAN PLASTICS’ policy on how we manage the personal information we hold about our customers and others. It applies to all operations within SWAN PLASTICS in Australia including visitors to our website.

SWAN PLASTICS recognises the Privacy Act and has adopted the “National Privacy Principles” as our policy on all methods of contact available to you with us.

Why do we collect information?

We will collect personal information in the process of conducting business. That personal information may be obtained directly from you, via another contact in your organisation or through a third party who we believe has informed you that your details may be provided to us. We will only store your personal details if they are relevant to your organisation conducting business with us. We do not normally obtain or store information that is deemed by the Privacy Act to be “Sensitive Information”.

We store personal information to ensure that we can maintain contact with the organisations with which we do business. This contact may be verbal, electronic or written. The reason for the contact may be to inform, request assistance or to maintain a relationship.

When do we use your information?

The information we collect will only be that which is necessary for the conduct of our business and our relationship with your organisation. Information gathered by us in one instance may be used in another instance unless you expressly requested that we do not. However, we will only use the information which we receive about you for the purpose of doing business with your organisation or in connection with that purpose.

How do we collect the information?

Where practical, we will only collect information directly from you. If we collect it from another source, we will do what is reasonably possible to inform you that we have collected the information. You may choose the contact options that you would like through our web-based registration page. Modifications made by you through our registration page may take time to take effect within our databases. If you choose not to use the registration page we will market to you as if you had selected all options on the registration page, unless you advise us otherwise. If you are our only contact for your organisation and choose through the registration page to have no contact with SWAN PLASTICS, your organisation may not be able to do business with us.

How do we store your personal information?

Your information is held either in paper-based records or in electronic form in our databases. We take precautions to ensure the security of that information. If your information is no longer needed, we will either delete it from our systems or de-identify it, so that it cannot be attributed to you personally.

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Phone: (03) 9850 9266
FAX: (03) 9850 8413

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16 Kim Close, Bulleen, Victoria, Australia 3105

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